Service companies, developers and builders

Your company deserves a complete service, made for you and in the right measure, you find everything your company needs in one place.

With the Tasso & Scalzer your company will have all the support to face and overcome the challenges of the Market, with easy and affordable solutions.

Take different, interactive, integrated, control and especially secure accounting to your company using integrated tools and processes.

Your company can count on customized and intelligent solutions for your business, always safely, solutions in the administrative, financial, legal, accounting and tax areas.

The Tasso & Scalzer focuses on your business, so we work with specialized partners to assist you, in the areas of Personnel Department, Human Resources, Technology and Legal.

Improve your management! Tasso & Scalzer has the best solutions for your company

What can Tasso & Scalzer do for you?

  • Restructuring of internal processes
  • Diagnosing your needs
  • Integrating accounting with your company's departments
  • Analysis of the forms of taxation used in Business
  • Implantation of financial reports to analyze the results in a simple and efficient way
  • Analysis of the enterprises and their constitution, RGI, Corporate and Accounting - fiscal
  • Financial, accounting and tax guidelines
  • Real estate calculation
  • Construction, orientation of incorporation record
  • Analysis and elaboration of legal instruments, contracts, distrates, additives, among others
  • Training
  • Accounting Audit, Tax and Personnel Audit
  • Inquiries and clarifications within 24 hours
  • Elaboration and implementation of the profit sharing program

Get to know and access your accounting, profitability and results online.

Innovation, security and knowledge, all with responsibility.

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