Accounting Firms

The Tasso & Scalzer Its objective is to provide a consultancy to your accounting firm using as a tool the diagnosis of the problem with your client and the formulation of solutions about a subject or specialty, always in an objective and clear legal basis, always seeking to solve the problems identified.

Are you an accountant? Do you work with varied activities?

The Tasso & Scalzer created an aid tool for your company, a service done in the right measure.

With the Tasso & Scalzer your company will have all the support to face and overcome the main difficulty of Accounting Professional: Time.

The Tasso & Scalzer offers assistance in its service delivery in an interactive, creative, integrated and with total security.

Your company can count on customized and intelligent solutions for your client, which will become a working tool to optimize your services and consequently results.

The Tasso & Scalzer focuses on your business, so we work with specialized partners to assist you, in the areas of Personnel Department, Human Resources and Technology.

Improve your management! Tasso & Scalzer has the best solutions for your company

What can Tasso & Scalzer do for you?

  • Restructuring of internal processes
  • Diagnosing your needs
  • Integration of accounting with customers
  • Financial and accounting guidance
  • Empowering Your Team
  • Empowering Your Customer
  • Accounting Audit and Personnel Department
  • We clarify your doubt within 24 hours
  • Implantation of variable remuneration based on Law 10.101/2001

Innovation, security and knowledge, all with responsibility.

We have fourth plans to assist you: Plans Life, Plus, Gold, Premium.

Consultoria Contábil e Fiscal Federal nas áreas de incorporação imobiliária, construção e loteamento
Consultoria Contábil e Fiscal Federal de departamento pessoal, nas áreas de: Incorporação Imobiliária, Construção e Loteamento.
Consultoria Contábil, fiscal, federal, para empresas com fins lucrativos com exceção das áreas de comércio exterior (Importação e Exportação e atividades Rurais
Consultoria Contábil, fiscal, federal e de departamento pessoal, empresas com fins lucrativos com exceção das áreas comércio exterior (Importação e Exportação e Atividades Rurais)
Tempo de resposta: De 24 a 48 horas
Limites de Consulta: Até 10 consultas/mês SEM LIMITES SEM LIMITES SEM LIMITES
Formas de Consulta: Chat, telefone, Skype, reuniões online
Reuniões Presenciais (Limitadas a Duas Reuniões):
Plano Mínimo: 6 meses


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